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Hey everyone,

We've had an issue for a while where you could not give karma in the Demigod forums.  Turns out this was a CSS issue with z-positioning. It has been fixed.  You should be able to give karma fine now.

Incidentally, reporting posts should also work now too.


on Apr 14, 2009

Will the local GC2 Library re-open up soon?

Cuz, there's a bunch of modders waiting in the allway to access the area - i can only guess how much work Kryo will have ADDED to his schedule once that is fixed too!

on Apr 14, 2009

Could you please also have a look at this thread about Ranking_Banners cuz, it would make it all easy for us here on the GC2 forums to determine if someone is posting from other SD sites, and vice-versa?